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Continuing Our Living Dreams

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Buen dia, We just wanted to take some time to really thank everyone that has helped in our past mural projects. Really, none of these would have ever been brought to life if it wasn't for the generous hearts of the people here in Vallarta. From people with walls to paint, materials, helpful hands, donations, and of course the artists all of these key factors have come together and really let these artists show their living dreams. We hope to keep bringing these living dreams alive and thriving. One way you can show your support is by our Adopt a Mural Project or attend one of our events, Thank you again to everyone for keeping our heads up and making us stronger everyday. We are working hard to bring these streets alive. The world truly is our canvas. 

Get Involved. The Adopt a Mural Project is a fundraiser aimed at connecting with patrons that share the common goal of beautifying our neighborhoods with conscious community projects like trash clean up and the creation of public murals highlighting global environmental and social issues that are highly overlooked in our society.


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