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PV Street Art Strolls

Discover the Street art of Puerto Vallarta. Stroll through the streets, taking the same paths the artists take. Find history, culture, galleries, food, and stunning murals. The streets here are alive with art, you never know what you may find. Enjoy your stroll through the urban jungle we artists call home. There is a mapped route for each stroll with a start point and turn by turn directions. Be sure to look all around for you never know what you will see. Click or scroll down for descriptions and info. Any questions or inquires about the strolls contact us please. Be sure to share and like our Facebook page for more info and upcoming events. Check out our site city gallery to see art from all over the bay. Help us by to contributing our Adopt a Mural Project or come out to one of our Paint Day in the Bay events.

Buen dia todos los dias

Scroll down for full map and turn by turn directions



5dec stroll

This stroll starts off at the cemetery which has much history and reoccurring art. You will head down into the heart of 5dec or Cinco De Diciembre. You will encounter one of the largest collaborated murals in Vallarta. There are many taquerias and local shops. Heading into some of the more residential areas you will see friendly people and a lively neighborhood. Be sure to look up and behind you. Continue down towards Centro on the main road. There are some striking murals on your way to the finishing point Plaza Hidalgo (Route can be taken each way but cross streets wisely)