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Meet Puerto Vallarta Street Art

Joseph Real

Artist/ Agent/ Travel Consultant

Joey Real has traveled his whole life from living in the Caribbean since when he was young to California during most his adult life. He has followed and been involved in Street Art since 2005 and now Puerto Vallarta where he is a travel consultant, street artist, and photographer. Moving to such an art filled city caused him to re-ignite his passion for art. An artist himself but with more of a driving factor for finding places to paint for artists, sharing murals, documenting local street art, and getting the word out about brilliant artists around the world.


Misael ivan lopez

Mural Artist/ Canvas/ Body paint

Misael Lopez is a Mexican born Street Artist raised in the united states. He was deported back to Mexico in 2010 and since then has prolifically painted public murals in Puerto Vallarta and art all over his mother land of Mexico, making him one of the few pioneers of Street Art in PV where he currently resides and creates most of his Art. His Art is mostly inspired by 60's counter culture love movement fused with 80's-90's hip hop and graffiti but has never forgetting his roots in Mexico

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